Make every second count when responding to an emergency

There are a couple of primary reasons for the loss of life in healthcare facilities. They include a lack of attention or knowledge of fire prevention techniques, improper fire procedures that don’t complement the fire protection features in the building, and inadequate fire drill procedures in healthcare facilities, special handling of sophisticated equipment and the complex and special needs of patients. We develop appropriate, hands-on training and drills to reduce the potential loss of life and injury in a fire emergency.

Healthcare Fire Training

We’ve trained more than 200k healthcare leadership and staff on suppression, smoke awareness, sheet slide bed removal techniques and surgical fires. Our belief is that staff and leadership won’t respond to a fire unless they’re trained under realistic conditions.

Leadership Training

Focused training on critical thinking to guide the facility or hospitality through fire and life safety training for emergencies. Leadership meetings are intended to focus on short and long-term initiatives to improve patient safety.

Resident Training

We provide educational opportunities for residents to focus on fire prevention, fire safety and their response during a fire (assisted living/senior independent living).

Fire Drills

We can complete fire drills for you or work with your internal team to make fire drills a meaningful experience — not just checking a box to maintain compliance. Drill effectively and respond efficiently.

Annual Training Services

Annual training services include training for staff and leadership on fire procedures, current case studies on outcomes of recent fires and a telephone helpline for safety and regulatory compliance-related questions.

Fire Safety Training Videos

MidState Medical Center holds annual training with all of their leadership, clinical, ancillary and support staff. The video shows some of the hands-on fire suppression and educational components, but add to that the live smoke training, leadership training and fire response team training and you can visualize the complete package.

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